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Thanks to all, more and more people are watching Netageo and send messages of support.
To meet your expectations we want to increase the topics, events information and especially the frequency of update.
It’s why we wish to recruit fans to participate in content creation for Netageo!
So if you're a fan of pop-culture, interested in site management, community management, the creation of videos, illustration, graphic design, you have language skills and above all you are a true enthusiast who lives in Japan or plan to come soon, this is an opportunity to join our team.
Netageo don’t have any current income sources, therefore we are looking for volunteers. We hope that soon the site will be famous enough to create real career possibilities. But for now you can already participate in many events, see things, talk to people you won't have the occasion to meet ordinary. You will live out your passion while gaining experience in video production and website management. It is also an opportunity to practice and improve your Japanese.
All are welcome to contact us and make Netageo THE international site on pop culture and realize our dreams!

Here is the list of skills that are necessary for the evolution of the project Netageo:

Video editing, animation (2D or 3D), article writing, director, cameraman, translation, web design, web development, creating music and sound.

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Video editing:
You are a master of Premiere" and After Effects, it's perfect!

animation (2D or 3D):
You are able to make 2D or 3D animation, that's exactly what we need for illustrate and give another dimension to our show.

article and script writing :
Are you passionate about video games, animation, manga, cosplay, or even traditional Japanese culture and want to share your passion. You are able to write articles with informative content, do research to deepen this content. You will be certainly a great help. You'll also frequently work in team with director, and reporter of the shows.

Director, cameraman:
You have notions of camera and sense of directing. Even if you have no or little experience, we will guide you in the early days.

français-japonais, japonais-français, japonais-anglais, anglais-japonais, français-anglais, anglais-français. Un rôle primordial qui rend accessible le site et les émissions à une large audience. And as you can read I need help in english!

Web Design:
You master Photoshop and Illustrator and think that our design is not that sexy? We count on you for a full renewal.

Web development:
You master PHP and JavaScript, well you can help us improve our interface and add new functionality to the site.

Creating music and sound:
You love to make sound, use vocaloid, do not hesitate to send us your work, that will be used to set the mood in our report.