Ep30:Tokyo International Anime Fair 2012 part2

Tokyo International Anime Fair 2012 is an event where large animation studios come to present their animation works as you see in our first report.
But this exhibition also presents derivative products which are essential for maintaining the animation industry.
It contains the latest figures, toys and even clothing from the animation world.
Many stands have a shop corner for selling these goodies.
In this fair, technologies on concerning anime creation are also presented, especially during the first 2 business days.

For the second part of our report on the Tokyo International Anime Fair 2012, we focused on derivative products and technos of anime.
You will discover the Bushiroad booth, with its famous Trading Cards Games, such as Cardfight! Vanguard.
Vanguard is also a manga, an animation series and even video games. The stand was composed of three parts: Vanguard, Detective Opera Milky Holmes and D.C III. In each part, you could play cards to win prizes.
Good Smile Company had exposed a large number of figurine, nendroid and figma.
We discovered the next Black Rock Shooter, Vocaloid figurines as Hatsunemiku, MadokaMagika figurines corner and a gallery of models to support Japan. You will also see other booths of toys and accessories.

We also present two apps, Guitard Girl! and Seiyu plus, and Qumarion which enables to pose for 3D-CG model easily on moving a doll.

Thank you again to David Michaud from for his camera work.
And thanks to 2080, APPLES 123, Chris Chros and Basan for the music.

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