Ep46: Tokyo Game Show 2012 Special Konami

This is our fifth show on the Tokyo Game Show 2012, a program on the Konami booth.

Metal Gear Rising RevengeanceThe main attraction of the booth was Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, with no less than 40 consoles to try the game. The E3 demo version was also available.
We could try on this new Metal Gear in which Raiden is the main character.This time Raiden has a cyber Borg body and a ultra sharped sword.The TGS demo version started with a tutorial, that showed us how to use the sword and further more, how to get use to the Zangeki mode. A mode in which time flows by more slowly, giving you the possibility to aim at and cut your target more accurately. This way, you can cut off specific parts of the enemies and and get more energy, for example.
Very nice graphics, excellent artistic direction, once again, Mr. Kojima at its best, for the players enjoyment.

Here is a new Uniqlo T-Shirt collaboration.There was a Metal Gear Rising watch also on display.
You could also listen to the Metal Gear Collection music CD which is a compilation of different soundtracks from the Metal Gear series.Different accessories to celebrate the serie’s 25th anniversary.
This iPhone case looks cool! A very nice Metal Gear REX scale model.
Metal Gear Rising Revengeance t-shirt en collaboration avec UniqloCase iPhone Metal Gearmodel réduit du Metal Gear REX
Metal Gear Social OPS is the next Metal Gear licensed social game available on Smart phone in Japan. A game in which you build up your army by collecting cards and therefore going on different missions.

We continue with the Zone of the Enders area, on PS3 and Xbox 360. Zone of the Enders HD Collection, is an HD version of both PS2 Z.O.E. and Anubis, two games for which I found the design really impressive, at the time. In this HD version, the frame rate is going up to 60fps, from the original 30fps, graphics get more details and the sound is now Surround compatible. And icing on the cake, the introduction animation has been renewed.
The result is pretty good. On the side, you could see figurines based on the different robots of the games.

You could also try the latest episode of a game series I’ve been playing for years: Y’s.
Ys : Foliage Ocean in Celceta is the first Installment on the PS Vita. Close to the PSP version, this one gets its own new adventure with better quality graphics and a number of improvements in the gameplay. I’m really happy to see this kind of game coming out on the PS Vita. The Y’s series is also celebrating its 25th anniversary.

We go on with the famous musical arcade game Jubeat, in which you have to press, in rhythm, square buttons as they appear on the screen. Jubeat Plus for the Xperia smartphone and Xperia tablet S, is using the same principle and was also playable.

This is the Dragon Collection and Sengoku Collection corner, famous social games in Japan. An arcade version of Dragon Collection is set to hit the market for next year, with real collectible cards. A lot of people came by to get the TGS special items cards given by the booth girls, dressed in many different ways. Another typically Japanese thing.

On the opposite side of Dragon Collection, There was a lot of people gathering right in front of the booth scene. The reason? Mr. Kojima, himself, was introducing Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, a very promising game. There was also a presentation of the Konami 3D engine, the FOX engine. Mr. Kojima really knows how to draw attention.