Ep45: Tokyo Game Show 2012 Special Tecmo Koei Games booth and games

For our 4th episode on the Tokyo Game Show 2012, we invite you to discover the Tecmo Koei Games booth.One of the few booths where we could test the Wii U.

We start our tour of the Tecmo Koei Games with DEAD OR ALIVE5.The game has gained in beauty since the last version.Fighting areas are even more dynamic, watch out for flying trains, and dangerous Babes!

Sangokushi(Series known as Romance of the Three Kingdoms outside Japan)≫,the great series from Tecmo Koei, little known outside Japan was born in 1985. The 12th episode of this strategic simulation game series Sangokushi 12 which is scheduled on PS3 and Wii U, takes us to the second and 3rd century in China to conquer the three kingdoms.On Wii U you can also play only with Game Pad screen.

Of course there was ≪Dynasty Warriors≫.
First,Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires for PS3.New characters, new setting to grow up them.A new feature allows you to modify lands scape with floods or even dropping rocks.And finally character editing with more possibilities.

Here's a Warriors for Wii U, Warriors Orochi3 Hyper.There is more than 130 playable characters, including famous characters like Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden.With the Wii U Game Pad, you can play up to two players in co-op.

We continue with Warriors but this time for Nintendo 3DS with Samurai Warriors Chronicles 2nd.New characters and  system are added, and game scenario changes depending on your choices.You can switch characters using the bottom screen with one touch.You can play in co-op, compete score with other players, and distribute weapons signed with your name using cross pass.

≪Nobunaga's Ambition≫ is a series which has many fans in Japan.Nobunaga's Ambition Tendô with Powerup Kit will be released on PS Vita.The touch screen of the PS Vita allows much easier control for this kind of strategy game.

We continue with another game for PS Vita, Atelier Totori Plus based on the game released on PS3, but with many things added, like maps, recipes, costumes, equipment, monsters and events. Atelier alchemists RPG series have lot of success in Japan, and this kind of title should please PS Vita owners.

We end up with the next Ken’s Rage, Shin Hokutomusô.A game that I tested at Sony PlayStation booth.This new version of ≪Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage≫ offers 2 times more characters, and a longer scenario part. It seems that network multiplayer game mode will be available.