Trying Gundam recipe

05/29/12 views:[VIEW]
Zak Tofu was launched from Sagamiya Foods Inc. on 28 March 2012 in Japan.
After the launch, It had been shortage of stock because of its popularity , but recently I could get one.

On the site of Zak Tofu, there are very Gundam recipes using this Tofu in varied ways, and I decided to make my own version.
For the first dish, I tried to use the Zak tofu, I lined it with  cream made of nori (seaweed sheet) crushed, representing space and umeboshi (salty plum) for the eye.
Nori Cream is seasoned with shoyu (soy sauce) and starch to give some thickness to the cream which highlighting the freshness of the tofu edamame taste (green soybeans).

The second dish is a Gundam sushi with sushi rice forming the mobile suit head bases. For red parties I used salmon, for yellow, egg, for black, nori sheets and horns are daikon (white radish). I tried to do something like, what do you think?
In taste no surprise, but I was a little bit sad destroying the Gundam head to eat.

As the Tofu mold is good quality, I guess that a lot of  people keep it, like I do.
I plan to use it to make another dishes.