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Mehdi Nekkache
My name is Mehdi your reporter, presenter, I guess I am trying to.
I am a French living in Japan, a fan of animation and video games. Quite chatty, sometimes too much, I speak French, Japanese and something close to English.
Since childhood I dreamed of coming to Japan. I also dreamed of becoming Ninja but I dropped the case.

After college, I worked as a programmer and later as Techical manager for a French company. By participating as a key player in setting up an office in Japan for this company, I have accomplished my dream.
After several years working in Japan, I decided to start my own company Conop, whose business is the creation of website and video production.
Afterwards I introduced the concept of a show on video games.
The concept of this TV show goes back many years ago, because in France, Japanese animation and video games have much success, but there was no national TV show for those fans. Being a big fan of Japanese game and having myself dreaming of coming to Japan, I thought that it was too bad that this subject wasn’t treated. Fortunately, I met a producer who materialized the project.
This show was broadcast on France 3 under the name of "KYOU", where I was the reporter from Tokyo.
This was the first weekly broadcast show on video games on a national channel featuring video games from Japan.

I was initially in charge of writing, filming and animating the Japan topic. The second year of broadcasting, I've been star presenter of the show and my company was in charge of production of all the shootings in Japan.
I took the opportunity to present the project to Cospa, the manufacturer of t-shirt manga and cosplay costume, which was excited by the project, and provided me the outfits for the show. I was probably the first presenter on national TV, doing cosplay of character from Japanese animation and video games.
This show lasted about 3 years...
Since 2010, I am doing the reporter for the show TV Mezamashi Doyobi Mega, which is broadcast every Saturday on Fujitv. I'm also doing the presenter every Wednesday night on NHK Educational with a rebroadcast on Wednesday afternoon.

Now I launched the project Netageo, which I hope will allow me to share my passion for Japanese pop culture with a large number of people.
This website is aimed at a wide audience and not being a true critic...

The website is written in three languages, and programs are shot in two languages, French and Japanese and English subtitles.
For me, no matter what country, we share the same otaku culture, therefore I am speaking to everyone in the same way.

Finally, I looking for people to help me with this project, like writing topics, or help me covering the event.
So if you are in Japan or plan to come and you have one of the following capabilities:
Writer, cameraman, editor, musician, illustrator, graphic designer, CG artist
And want to participate Netageo, contacted me.