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September - 2014

Mehdi Nekkache

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  • Yotsubato Danbo Exposition

    An exhibition to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the famous manga of Kiyohiko Azuma Yotsubato!

    2013/09/18 455 0
  • Ano hana summer festival 2013

    Exhibition Ano Hana Summer festival 2013 for the release in August 31 of "Ano hi mita hana no namae o Bokutachi wa mada shiranai" OVA.

    2013/08/8 383 0
  • World Cosplay Summit 2013

    Parade, stage, singing and dancing with Cosplayers come from different countries to meet in Nagoya!

    2013/08/6 638 0
  • Toriyama Akira The World of DRAGON BALL

    Exhibition on the leading manga of Akira Toriyama Dragon Ball. Cels, illustrations, original boards, more than 300 pieces.

    2013/08/2 468 0

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